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There is a wealth of knowledge out there about older (pre-90 lets say) cruising boats.
And being a researcher by trade, I''m really
feeling the desire to conduct a systematic
survey and share the results. Is that a good

In addition to that, many of the posting have
noted market timing, general economic trends,
Some noted that its good for owners of classics because they are actually increasing
in value. That''s good for the owners, not the
buyers, right? Let''s review the videotapes
and ask you folks to drag out the crystal balls...assume we want safe hulls, rigs, etc.and that 90% will not venture to deep
blue water.

What well found boats in the 30-40ft class are actually overpriced right now?
Which ones are still bargains? When will the
price winds change in the short term? Why?

Damn, I''m sounding like an editor too. But,
I see all this collective wisdom and experience out there and would like to turn it to the benefit of the buyers. (Which will
include me in a year or so).

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John & Jeff, thanks so much for those well
considered responses. Your remarks, naturally
prompt other questions/issues.

Do the seasoned sailors pay the fair prices
and new to the sport/lifestyle higher prices?
Or is it really an issue of how much money you have?

People, self included for a while, often feel
that Practical Sailor reviewers were
unbiased and the mass press, Cruising World,
Sail, etc. would not be honest because of
their boat manufacturing advertisers. How
much do these reviews massage the market?

Parts, insurance, etc. I recently talked to
a marine loan broker about buying older boats. The eyebrows started to twitch when I
mentioned a few boats 20 years+. The repair
BB of SailNet often has messages regarding
the possible necessity to custom make parts.

When you folks say big 3, I assume you mean
Beneteau, Catalina, and Hunter. I''ve heard
C & H criticized for cheap manufacturing
and that the used Bs are overpriced. FEW
articles on buying cruisers list any Bs or Hs
on their A list.

(Aside) Ironically, Beneteau marketed an
Evasion model (almost a motorsailor) which
bombed in the US but its layout would work
quite nicely for aging boomers.
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