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Buying sails on line or from a local shop

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I am looking to purchase a new main sail for my 26 ft trailer sailor on a budget. I found a place online that will sell me a new darcon main sail with 3 reefing points for the low price of $747 plus shipping. Seems like a deal to me except for the fact that I don't know anything about buying sails. My other option is to go to one of the limited sail makers in the Buffalo NY area and hope I can afford what they offer or possibly buy used. Wondering if anyone has any experience with buying on line or even specifically buying from Precision sail loft. If anyone from my local area has experience with a local shop I would love to hear about it. Buying anything online scares the hell out of me. I also always buy local if I can afford to.
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I have ordered online twice. Both times the result was poor. The first time the sail simply had a poor shape - lumpy. The second time they had a long measuring form which, knowing what I am doing, completed perfectly. Unfortunately the idiot designer who surely has never even seen a boat from his inland cubicle with a little computer screen simply made the sail to my P and E dimensions. A sailmaker who has actually been on a boat would know that a Dacron sail needs to be considerably smaller than P and E to fit properly when in use. Kinda like buying Raymarine products: no designer there has ever sailed on a boat either.

"Looks like a triangular piece of white cloth. Ship it!"
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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