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BVI to USVI Customs question

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Hey all,

In Dec. a group of friends and I will be chartering down in the BVI. This will be my 7th time sailing in the BVI and I wanted to try St. Johns out for the first time. We are starting out of Road Town on a 10 day trip. So I'm thinking maybe a couple days exploring St. Johns would be new and fun. My question is what are the procedures and costs for checking in and out. Do you think it is worth it? We are all U.S. citizen's and would of course head back and finish the trip in the BVI. Any input would be appreciated.

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Do get the name right so as not to tick-off the natives, though. It's St. JOHN. St. JOHN'S is in Newfoundland. A bit different climate.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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