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C/B & S/K gripe & praise thread!

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C/B - centerboard S/K= swing keel

I've pretty much decided my next boat will (if, maybe, :D ) be 33ft or larger, with a CB like the vintage pearsons. I had a hunter 23 before my fin keeled Oday 30 and I liked the way the S/K (swing keel) worked and allowed for shallow draft. But that was a small boat!

I would love to hear the problems!

How did you solve said problems?

Are (in your opinion) CBs and SWs a viable choice for coastal crusing and shallow bays?

What kind of "high tech" ideas could be applied to CBs and SKs?
example: depth sensor auto retract :rolleyes:

:laugher my boat is only on the hard one day, and i'm already catching up on my forums!
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Glad to have it! ............. I think?

Although the PNW is noted as a deep water area it is amazing how many anchorages and shallow inlets we have to explore and a few marina entrances as well get shoaled up between dredging...We are 4.5 up and 10.6 down. I really do not have the experience with this boat yet to tell you much about the differences it has on pointing or leeway up or down...but I can tell you our particular boat could loose it offshore with little self righting effects..We have been out in 47 knots with it up having a grand ol time.

It weighs 1000 lbs and winches up all but the last 18" did make some noise tacking when we first bought the bought as the wear bushings were wore out but I had it dropped out of the boat and completely reconditioned so it has no play anymore so should be very quite and firm in place.

Barnacles were an issue once...we forgot to lower it in the slings during spring launching and it gets shoved up in the trunk sitting on the keel in the yard further then you can winch it up buy a few inches so it wedged in there due to barnacles up in the trunk. I had to ask erps to free it one day when he was diving on his own boat..he said he barely did anything but it was enough to free it.

EDIT...IF you look close at my Avitar you can see it hanging down past the edge of the dock.
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