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C/B & S/K gripe & praise thread!

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C/B - centerboard S/K= swing keel

I've pretty much decided my next boat will (if, maybe, :D ) be 33ft or larger, with a CB like the vintage pearsons. I had a hunter 23 before my fin keeled Oday 30 and I liked the way the S/K (swing keel) worked and allowed for shallow draft. But that was a small boat!

I would love to hear the problems!

How did you solve said problems?

Are (in your opinion) CBs and SWs a viable choice for coastal crusing and shallow bays?

What kind of "high tech" ideas could be applied to CBs and SKs?
example: depth sensor auto retract :rolleyes:

:laugher my boat is only on the hard one day, and i'm already catching up on my forums!
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My first boat yard experience was sawing through the barnacles so a centerboard would go up and down :)

I am still unsure you you paint up in the trunk to control the issue ?
I am sure it can be kept under control BUT it would require the boat being lifted enough to fully lower the board so the slot and board can be painted

I think you would have to really let it get out of control to require the saw BUT :)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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