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Re: c&c 99 & 110 saildrive seal replacement

I recently purchased a C&C 110 with a Volvo sail drive. Volvo recommends replacing the diaphragm every 7 years. Mine was 14 years old.:eek I examined the old one once it was removed from the boat and it looked as good as the new one. These diaphragms are made of really thick rubber. It would be extremely difficult to damage one even with a sharp knife. My certified Volvo mechanic charged me $2000 to replace it which included parts. I'm located in NY. I was originally going to do it myself but in retrospect, I'm glad I had a professional do it because he took care of some other repair/maintenance items that I may have overlooked. After seeing and handling the diaphragm, I am reassured that this part will not fail any easier than a conventional prop shaft and strut would. They are really made to very high standards.
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