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I thought the same thing as you until I removed the headliner and saw how much exposed hardware there was. I bashed my head so many times during the 2 days that the headliner was out, there was no way I could go on without it.

This one is for anyone that's ever done this or seen this done on a pre-90's era C&C Yacht.

The older C&C's from when C&C still owned the company had/have molded head liners. They are aesthetically pleasing as long as they're not deteriorating or sagging. But they have the same negative aspects as all head liners in that they reduce cabin height and they make installing new deck hardware a messy undertaking.

My particular 70 C&C headliner is in good shape. It's not sagging or falling apart anywhere. But at 6' tall, my head rubs along the 6' cabin height liner if I stand up straight, which isn't optimal for "my" use. So my questions are:

  1. In the C&C design, does this molded headliner provide any "necessary" addional structural strength/stability?
  2. How much of an undertaking would be involved in removing it and just painting the cabin ceiling?
  3. Generally speaking, would doing this reduce the value of the boat?
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