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After about a week of being unable to post an email to the C310 mailing list I discovered that the link: was no longer functioning.

I reported the problem to [email protected] but the email (sent on 7/30) remains unacknowledged. It would be nice to know if sailnet is working on the problem (or even plans to) or if they have terminated support for the mailing lists without informing those who use it.

I suspect that the lack of posts on this form indicates that it is new. If this forum is to be our sole resource moving forward. I'm sure we'd all like to know.

Can the forum moderators provide any insight? Can sailnet send an email to the group to let us know what is going on?

Bill Brady
Zora #197
SF Bay

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Switch from C310 listserve to forum

Well, hopefully everyone will migrate over to this forum. Would like to hear if anyone else has another preferred system for communicating among us C310 owners. I think the C310 association site might have a system, but SailNet has been a good platform generally other than the wierd lyris error messages.

In other news, my boat partners and I just got back from our annual trip from San Francisco to Santa Cruz--about 70 miles each way on the Pacific. Heading south, we got the boat up to 11.5 knots surfing on a swell under single reefed main and full 110 jib. Heading north was a little less comfortable, with the fabled slog against unusually steep and tightly packed 6'-12' seas. We were drenched and ended up with some water along the interior sides of the saloon and a surprising amount of water (more than 7 gallons) in the port cockpit locker that set off one of our inflatable PFDs, popping it. FYI, after speaking with Sospender customer service about that, they advise everyone to disable the autoinflate function when the PFDs are stored in a locker, as they will not repair a burst bladder.

Hope the rest of you are all having a fine summer of sailing!

PAUL V. OLIVA, Skipper and ASA Instructor
Time & Tide, Catalina 310 #179
South Beach Harbor, D-79, San Francisco
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