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About 30 yrs old.. so '84? the older Cheribuni Hunter line?

Clearly the old floor is toast, if you remove it you'll likely need to replace the substrate with marine plywood at least. I'd not recommend carpet in that area - moisture/dust/dirt absorber, mold trap etc.

You could make your own floor from a plywood substrate and using relatively inexpensive flooring like solid bamboo or such, a friend has done that with good effect. You can buy the Teak and Holly style panels, they are about $250-300 or so for a 4x8 sheet - you might get away with one. That would be the 'best look' and I think make you happiest long term, long after you've forgotten the 'cost'.

Don't forget to check carefully for other issues under there due to the prolonged soaking.. keel bolts and backing plates etc. if applicable.
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