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I am facing the same issue on Little Wing ('88 '31).
The finish on mine is very broken thru and water damaged.
I took the small hatch forward of the mast support and sanded it down, bleached it and filled and sanded with gloss polyurethane until the grain was filled. My last coat was a dull rubbed effect polyurethane as that is the finish I prefer. (I think building with rubbed effect tends to get muddy).
As Marc on Crazy Fish alluded to, the teak and holly are veneer so there is not much room for sanding. I did break thru on a corner.
I have no doubt it's time for re-laying the sole and will do it in solid teak and holly so it can be "wooded" a few times over the years.

My next big consideration is how much can i bring out the severely neglected veneer and trim through out the cabin.:puke
(my 9 year old really wanted me to use the puke emoticon :))

Good Luck,
Little Wing
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