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Cabo Rico owners

Hi there Cabo Rico owners. I'm a year out of date, but I have just noticed the thread. My wife and I bought a CR 38 from Florida nearly three years ago. Since then she has shivered her timbers in the chilly Irish Sea. We berth her in a delightful marina which used to be an port for transporting slate mined in the Welsh mountains. Fruition is a magnificent boat, but
the first two years were something of a nightmare because there were so many major jobs that had not come up on the survey. This season was the first I could say she has become a genuine turnkey boat. Pity about the weather though. The last two summers in the UK have been particularly dismal, with gales and rain.

I know a lot of boats have owners' clubs, and I know there used to be a CB club, but not any more. Perhaps if there was enough interest we could start one again?

Best wishes

Steve Moss
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