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Cal 14

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Hi guys, I am hoping to get some advice from any other Cal 14 owners out there???
I have owned a Cal 14 for about 4 months now and have had some fun days out on the water.

However I am finding the boat to be quite tippy, as you move your weight around the boat or when the wind blows strongly the boat will heel considerably, to the point where you can fall out!

I am thinking this is not normal of the design and that there may have been a modification made, possibly to the swing keel?

I was hoping someone could provide some info as to the standard size and weight of the swing keel, so I can check it is correct. The swing keel on the boat feels quite lite when raising/lowering.

Any comments or advice would be much appreciated..
Thanks very much in advance.
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Interesting , I didn't know Cal made a 14 . I have sailed on a Cal 20 , from what I remember it wasn't overly tender . But still it's only 20 ft. , it would heel over so you had to be quick with the main sheet . At 14 ft. " quite tippy" isn't out of the ordinary .
Ha , I found it . Hope this helps .
I looked up your boat here . is the worlds largest sailboat database.
They didn't have it listed . You should contact them and tell them about your boat , even send some pictures . They love it .
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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