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A few years ago I purchased what I believe is a Cal21. I say believe because the guy who sold it to me called it a (1973)"Clark 21." It really looks like a Cal 20 though. Anyhow, the boat was in rough shape and I bought it with the hopes of learning to sail.
I had taken it to a yard and had it re-gelcoated and painted, looks pretty good. It has been sitting in a barn for the past couple of years and now it''s time to finish the project. At the time I had taken off all the hardware and filled in all the corresponding holes.
Now that I''m ready to work on the boat again I wonder if there is a better way to refit/rig everything. It is as if I am starting with a clean slate. The only holes left were for the mast step.
Any ideas as to how to go about this? I could just as easily put it back together the way I found it....or maybe there are better solutions after all these years since the manufacture built it.
Looking for publications or people who might be able to point me in the right direction.

P.S. Already have spent too much an am not looking to spend a whole lot more. I do want to do it right though.
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