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I passed up on a Cal 36 I am still kicking myself for 3 years later. It was in Holland MI and the guy selling it wanted out bad (in over his head). The interior was pretty rough, floors replaced with plywood, and everthing was cetol brown... It did still have the functioning and ever curious keel trim tab/ flap!?! The reason I'm kicking myself the asking price was $8k and it went for $5. It was a sound hull and decks, the insides were ugly but solid... ohwell! I like the lay out of both. They both have the table off to the side.

I've seen showers done in much smaller heads than whats on the Cal, it's possible to plum in. I think for me If they are both about equal in condition, the nicer interior materials would be a big plus for the Cal. I'm a suck for asthetics! Sure you can paint the formica and it looks a ton better than the original greenish fake wood grain crap in the Pearsons (That being said I'm looking at a Vanguard). It just still doesn't hold a candle to the beauty of varnished mahagony (besides when its inside it doesn't need constant attention)!

A4s can be great or a pain in the ass, like any other engine. Get familiar with how to clean the carb (idle jets are hugely imporant!). I pull mine and clean/ check it every year before launch (I just want a trouble free summer). Also an electronic ignition kit ups the reliability a ton. Also if you have the common thermostat or lack there of problem check out Indigo Electronic's they have lots of upgrades and accessories for the A4, including a new thermostat set up.

Good luck and happy hunting/deciding.
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