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Dear all
To improve my racing, I bought Sailfish Yacht Analyzer to get a Polar Diagram. We do not get that with the rating system used here in Denmark.
I have difficulties in calculating D.
Can anyone help me?
According to IMS, D is calculated as 0.92 * TRMAX.
TRMAX is the maxium value of TR in any section.
TR is calculated from DH/DHK (correct - or is it DHK/DH?)
DH is calculated from BTR = Effective beam/BTR - correct?
The T in BTR is calculated from AMS2.
The AMS2 is max AMS1*e^(-10*z/LSM0) - correct?
z is a depth - which depth is this? I guessed vertical from waterline to bottom of hull?
According to these calculations, I get DH = T and a very low D and Sailfish Yacht Analyzer refuses to calculate.
Can anyone help me?
Best regards
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