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just completed sailing course and certified to 30ft. looking at catalina 30. but found a caliber 28 for less than 20,000 (absent owner is motivated to sell)
can any one give the good and bad on the: workmanship, sailing ability etc. any prior owners out there with info would be helpful. most info is on the bigger boats

Calibers are marketed as ''long range cruisers''. (They are not my idea of a long distance cruiser but that is a separate issue.) I have a friend with a Caliber 40 that we talk about a lot. Performance is not terribly great on these boats. Their PHRF rating suggests that they are slower than a Catalina 30 (which is not an especially fast 30 footer). They are especially poor in light winds. For most people performance governs how much time they spend sailing vs motoring. For a beginner a boat with more responsiveness (responsiveness is not the same as speed) provides a better platform to really learn to sail. There are a lot of people out there who can basically just get from place to place. They really are not good sailers in that they don''t understand what it takes to finesse a boat for the conditions. Properly trimming sails and balancing a boat can add knots to the boats speed and can really improve the comfort of the heel angle and motion felt on board the boat. Again, this can make a very big difference in how much sailing time vs motoring time that an individual is living with, safety in heavy weather, or the number of days that youa actually go out sailing.

Back to the Caliber, construction and detailing is a bit crude but supposedly robust. My friend has had a lot of little gripes about ergonomic issues but some of that may be personal or unique to the Caliber 40.

Good luck
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