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Caliber 28''

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Caliber 28''''

I am looking at a 1986 Caliber 28'' to buy. This would be a first sailboat for me, can anyone tell me if this is a good boat for a beginner? Would it be versatile enough to do some cruising in the Puget Sound and maybe do some coastal cruising? How are these boats looked on for quality? Any information that anyone could provide would be greatly apreciated.
Ron H.
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Caliber 28''''

I asked a similar question in the middle of July. I was encouraged to join the caliber message board. I did. Didn''t get any response there, either. They look like great boats but I still don''t know anything about them so I am timid about pursuing it further until I get more INFO. If and when. Sure hope your inquiry gets some good response.
I purchased a Caliber 28 after inspecting Catalina & Hunters in the 30 to 33 ft range. Really wanted to purchase a Catalina or Hunter but the 28 appeared in better condition. No regrets! Use for lake sailing - good space - engine accessible. Overall, very pleased.
Caliber boats are long ranage curising boat. Their was was one up on a reff in Hawaii a couple of year ago that the delivery skiper made a huge mistake and missed the reff . They pulled it off and sailed her home with no Repairs. Is it the one in New York?
Caliber makes a great boat very well made. Head and shoulders above catilina irwin and hunter. In my opinion one of the best for the money. You should get it surveyed though. As far as a beginners boat i would say a compac 19 would be better but it would not be very good for more than daysailing. good luck
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