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Cal''''s 3-30

Cal 3-30 is a GREAT fast racer/cruiser. Lapworth is a fantastic designer, and Jensen Marine overbuilt these boats. The 2-30 is more cruiser/racer, the 3-30 more racer/cruiser. 3-30 has more rake in keel, flush coamings, cockpit traveler, etc. Still, very comfortable below. Check rudder for water. Check all deck fittings that they are sealed. Deck delamination due to water entry is a problem for many boats of that era. People initially did not know that they would leak. Cal used marine plywood in the decks, changing to balsa at some point. (Early 70''s) They are stiff, fast, and comfortable. You would be getting a great boat. Good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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