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Can anyone identify this boat?

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Howdy fellas, anyone know the maker/model?
It’s said to be 18’

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My money is still on the first one, an O'day daysailer 17'. A good number of them were built in Mass. I think Fall River & maybe also Wareham. They may have been built elsewhere too. There are thousands of those things kicking around. They're great little boats. I think that the builder went under in the late 80's, maybe 1989 or so.
Thanks much Jim, for the reply.
I probably should have stated that I haven’t seen the boat in person yet..
He claims it’s a “2006”, in which case one would expect a plate on the transom or something..
I’m not putting stock in it being built in 2006..
But here are more pics that might help:
Font Gas T-shirt Automotive exterior Wood

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Does the wooden decking give the year(s) away?
I'm thinking that indicates early, no?
Also, the wide, open cuddy opening.. I'm not seeing that design in later Daysailers, at least from my searching so far..

Possibly a Daysailer I ?

The fellow is asking $500, so I thought it worth investigating.
It's an hour away, so not like I can just pop over on lunch break & peek at it, hence the info-gathering here before I decide to take the drive to see it.

Appreciate you fellas helping a novice out,
Thanks Jim.. yeah, last time I looked, here in Maine motorless didn;t need a reg, which was nice with my last 14' boat that had only wind power..
I've got a few contenders I'm looking at..
One's a 16 foot "AFG" that looks nice(from a distance online)
Not familiar w/AFG myself..

Appreciate the post

Just found out it sold....
thanks for the info fellas..
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1 - 5 of 13 Posts