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Can someone help me out with this boat

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hi guys i just joined and im a newbie to boats and im interested i have some pics of it but i really have no general clue what boat it can be

i have some videos of the engine sound

YouTube - Sunrise

YouTube - Engine start 2
engine sound

It is a disinctive and rare boat
This boat costs $2mil +
Could possibly be 2 caterpillar engines

if you have a clue please respond
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It is either the new Foss hybrid tug or a J24.
o do you have any other clues?
I have a clue, if the bow thruster switch is upside down the boat is sinking.
I have a clue, if the bow thruster switch is upside down the boat is sinking.
:) :D :laugher
ahh it is definetly not the new foss or the j24
i got an extra video if it helps anyone YouTube - Engine room
Dayfur, I would be glad to try to help you. But I questioning this little exercise of yours. If you got pics show us one of the whole boat.
im sorry i dont have pictures of the whole boat..only those parts i was told to figure it out and i need help im also interested in it.
This is Sailnet, not Powerboatnet. But it has twin cats or cummins and is pretty quick.
.. it's the Maltese Falcon... and if you can get it for around $2mill, better snap it up! (or not.........)
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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