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Can you run a dehumidifier too much?

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I run a Frigidaire Dehumidifier FAD704TDP on our 1984, 50' cutter sloop. The inside is all wood. We're out in Southern California (Long Beach) so winters are mild. I let it run continuously. Other than the bilge, it keeps everything dry, fresh and mildew free.

I've been noticing wood separation on the teak and holly floors, various gingerbread pieces and some floorboard / bilge hatch covers (not sure what the term is for the various wood access pieces to bilge areas) have actually warped some.

Can you run a dehumidifier too much? Is the over drying causing this or is caused by something else? Just seems like this is more pronounced over the last couple years since I've used the dehumidifier.

I welcome any thoughts. Huge thanks!

My follow-up questions will be specific to best ways to repair the separations and un-warping floor board hatches.

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When I first set ours up I ran it for about 5 days on continuous... my wooden sliding doors shrunk enough to fall out of their tracks.

Since then I leave it set for 50%. Seems to work fine there.
Never had a mold problem but did it to combat the diesel smell from the bilge and.....
Diesel smells are hard to cover up - better to find and eliminate any raw fuel leakage, in however small amounts.
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