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I had a full keel O'Day 25 that sailed beautifully. I thought it pointed very well. My only knock on it's sailing performance was extreme weather helm when I let her heel hard. I honestly considered adding length to the rudder instead of doing what I should and take in a reef. The boat sailed in a very balanced fashion when I kept her at a proper angle...old habits die hard, and I used to bury the lee stanchion bases on my dad's Pearson 35 :)

I'm looking to pick up a shoal draft O'Day 25 at the end of the summer to keep in the Florida Keys. Never sailed one, and it has a lower aspect rig to make up for the shallower keel, but to me it's the ideal compromise...legitimate trailer sailer, but plenty stout enough to handle the 6-8 footers that are so often out in the Gulf Stream outside of the reef. And a great cabin for a 25; that's a nice bonus. I was happy with the build quality of my last one.

Had a CD 28 motorboat, and I was happy with it's build quality. There were some significant gel coat crazes in stress areas, though; I had a few yardbirds tell me the gel was actually too deep in those places and the depth made it brittle. Great sea boat for a 28.

Good luck.
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