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Cape Dory Intrepid 9M vs Santana 30 vs others 30 footers

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We're looking at ~30 foot boats, mostly all from the 70s, $5,000 - $10,000. We currently have a 1982 O'Day 25 Centerboard.

We will be using the boat for daysailing and cruising either side of Long Island, the Hudson River, and Upper and Lower New York Bay, and hopefully a summer trip out to Martha's Vineyard.

We're looking at a 1975 Santana 30 and a 1979 Cape Dory Intrepid 9M that are similarly priced and both seem to be well maintained and turn-key. Also being considered are the Catalina 30, O'Day 30, Columbia 9.6, and the Grampian 30.

Here is what we don't like about our current O'Day 25:
1. floats like a cork at anchor, too light for anything but the best conditions
2. porti-potti & no stove
3. too slow, although we are not planning on racing (I race on other boats)
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Typically a quarter berth (pipe berth) is for one person . On our boat we can get 2 in the vee berth , 2 on the break down galley table , 1 in the pipe berth . My vote is the CD , what engine ?
INTREPID 9M sailboat specifications and details on
If you are handy , I see some possibility's , like the drop down dinette ,make a extension for it and a way to lower it, you could get 2 on that side . Fill the cutout in the vee berth , there you have it 6 . Yikes I men't 7.
That's a good engine , we have a 2QM 15 Yanmar . Although for ours some parts are getting hard to find .
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