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Capt. Fred

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Always loved sailboats. In 1975 at age 41 I designed and hand built the 50' 23 ton FG cutter ketch y'awl Daedalus from scratch. My soulmate was my sole helper. We lived in a boatyard in Santa Barbara. Launched the Daedalus in 1977, wed my soulmate and started learning to sail. the Daedalus still required years of work. We always worked and my bride finished her degree in biology @ Berkeley. San Francisco Bay was a kick. We had jobs then quit, went sailing, back to work, sailed the entire West Coast of California and Mexico. Went back to SF, worked, then sailed off in 12/83 to ?? anyway we went thru the Canal and wound up in Coastal Alabama in 5/84 after 4,400 miles. We found jobs and I obtained my USCG Captains lic. to charter and worked on the Daedalus to certify her by the USCG for 22 passengers. I then chartered for over 15 years. Back in 1990 I Passed NCARB and became a registered architect. After sailing, sailing, sailing, including trips to Central America, we took on a new venture. We began restoring 20 acres of farmland and swamp into the Biophilia Nature Center. I Sold my Daedalus in '02 then designed an electric motor for my SC28, sold it and now at 75 I have a cutter yawl Rob Roy 23 and dreams of crossing oceans.
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Welcome, Capt. Fred.
I believe that Joshua Slocum crossed oceans in a vessel of a similar size to your current boat. I too, hope to be sailing by 75.
Glad to hear that you have your captains license as it may help you. Or not.
Living and breathing individuals are here to accept you into the fray that is

My best,

NE sector of the US shore,
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