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I bought an 82 Catalina 22 that seams to have had a good life but needs some TLC.

Here is the good. I bought it from the second owner (the first had it only a few months) who treated it well. It has been on lakes in Texas all it's life (no salt water) with the last 1/3 of it's life on a lift, out of the water! It still has the original paperwork (manuals, spec sheet, etc) and receipts from the work he had done. He kept it at his lake house since he bought it and only trailered it to have repairs done (mostly having the bottom repainted). The interior is like new but the fabric on the cushions are brittle from age. The owner sold the sailboat because his health is failing and he has not been able to sail for 3 years, So the boat has sat for that long on the lift. He told me before I left that he hoped we enjoyed the boat because he really has.

There are no serious problems with the boat. Here are my concerns and questions.

The mainsail (original) has four small holes that appear to be from a mouse. Each is less than 1/2 inch across. My wife has good sewing skills. What is the best way to patch the holes?
Sail repair tape, cut to matching squares, patched on both sides. Clean the area first so it adheres, and you should really take a sail repair kit and stitch around the square.

The running rigging seams weathered to me. How do I tell if it needs replaced?

by feel, if left in the Texas sun for 1/3 it's life it most likely does. Soft and supple if good, even somewhat hardened is fine, but you can tell, if it feels like if you pulled hard enough it could tear, replace. Start with the main and job halyards. Is one half of the rigging wire? My Catalina 22 was like that.

The external teak needs refinishing (it is grey and has spots of moss). What is the best method to make it look good and protect it?

There are some hull stains (just above the waterline) that are being stubborn to remove with soap and bleach. Is FSR (fiberglass stain remover) a good choice or should I use something else?

forst try mr. cleans. magic eraser. I think it works on a surprising amount of stains all over your boat. I haven't had good luck with FSR/Oxalic acid. When I worked on a big sailboat, we went through a trial period, trying different kinds of deck stain remover at West Marine. The conclusion was for things like rust, you have to use the absolute harshest acid the sell.

The trailer is pretty good. It needs a paint job. How hard are the hyd brakes to fix? I don't really need them since I will pull it with a 1 ton truck but if I fix them I might pull it with my wife's jeep.
If you can, fix them, because even with your truck, you still want the trailer brakes working so if you come to a fast stop, or going down mountain passes, the trailer doesn't try to run out from under you when you hit the truck brakes.

Thanks -Ace
Good luck, sounds fun
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