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I'd probably take the sail to a sailmaker to get it patched and just have the peace of mind that the tears won't get any worse. Sail it and see how you like it. If the sail is really original, it would probably be a HUGE upgrade to get a new thing I ever did for my C22. I got mine from North Direct for like $550, which is still a substantial outlay on a C22, especially if you're new to sailing and not sure if you're going to really get into it and stuff, but that's super cheap for a sail and the difference was incredible to me. My sail controls actually worked, I could get the sail flatter when the wind got up, heeled less, went faster, etc.

I let my teak go natural on the 22. This is probably not widely recommended, but I just power washed mine [carefully] if they got to the moss stage, which made them look like new [momentarily], and it enabled me to spend more time sailing and less time varnishing.

Good luck with it. They're great boats.
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