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Before doing anything take your sail to a local sailmaker/repairer and ask his opinion. Most will do this without charge. A new main is about $800 - $900.

But nothing wrong with fixing the holes with sail repair tape and going sailing.

Wash the running rigging with a double dose of Comfort conditioner. It will look and feel much better.

You have a decision to make on the wood.

Leaving it silvery gray with the odd spot and go sailing. It will not get worse.

Sand bleach oxalic acid stain then apply 4 to 10 coats of Epithanes varnish. The boat will look spiffy but will sail just the same. The varnish will last a while but will need further coats every few months in tropical sunshine, a bit longer if not.

Sand bleach oxalic acid stain then apply some alternative wood treatment. None will look as good as varnish but may be easier to apply.

BTW congratulations on your choice. I had the UK version and I thoroughly enjoyed sailing it around the west coast of Scotland. I varnished mine.
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