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Sounds like a fine little boat. You will enjoy her for may years, I'm sure. has all you need for the sail repair. Some folks use sail tape but to me, that's a quuick fix, not a permanent one, but I could be wrong. Sewing a sail is as easy as mending a shirt. Any give spot on the sail doesn't see that much load until you get to one of the corners. Otherwise, the fabric would have to be so much thicker, like at the tack or clew. So, sew away but be sure to use UV stabilized thread.

For the trailer, I'd replace the complete hub assembly. About $100 total and a couple of hours. Very easy to do and cheap peace of mind.

Rigging, replace them in pairs over a few years. About $150 per year. So, upper shrouds this season, lower, the next, folled by fore and back stays.
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