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My wife and I are shopping for a Catalina 34 and saw our first one this past weekend. I have a couple questions that I'm not sure are boat specific or model specific. We looked at a 1986 fin keel, over all in pretty good shape.

1) It had rained the night before and there was probably an inch of water in the front of the cockpit. The boat had 2 drains in the rear of the cockpit which were working fine but the cockpit floor slanted forward such that sitting still water was puddled forward. The seats also collected water on the forward outside.

I didn't have a level, so it could be that the whole boat was nose heavy, maybe a full tank of water and nothing in the stern? Odd there was no forward drain though.

2) The boom stuck out past the dodger by maybe 6-12 inches and caught my head (a couple times) at just about nose level. (I'm 6'1") One of the goals of going bigger than our current 25 footer was to be safely out of the way of the boom. Obviously I could raise the boom or have the sail recut, but just curious if this is common on this model? I didn't see any other Cat 34s at the marina, so I couldn't compare.

3) How much of the interior is removable around the engine? it looked like access could be a little challenging in the event of work down the sides. I'm guessing there is aft access under the berth to get to the stuffing box and such.

We're debating between the 34 and the 320..

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