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Catalina 350

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I am in the market for a new Catalina. I keep going back and forth between the 34 MK II and the 36 MK II. To confuse the issue, I just found out Catalina will be introducing the new 350 in February at the Atlanta Boat Show. I have all the specs and it looks beautiful. Should I wait?
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You should definitely wait for a better boat than the Benehuntalinas. If you can''t wait for a better boat, pay a surveyor to inspect this boat before you give the dealer cash money. There are many "better boats" out there, why settle for mediocrity?
The Catalina 350 will not be out untill feb of next year. Wat boats do you sugest I look at NEW ONLY for the same price
I have an older (88) Catalina 34. Love it. I think the decision about what you buy should have a lot to do with what kind of sailing you are planning to do. The 34 is great for our use as a couple sailing the waters of Puget Sound and Vancouver Island. I would not necessarily be comfortable taking the boat down the coast. I know that "new" has a lot of allure, but a used,VERY well maintained boat gives you much more value and the owner probably added some nice features along the way.
Thanks for the input but I really have decided to buy new. I am done with projects and do not have much time. The time I have I want to spend sailing and relaxing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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