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The whole idea sends shivers up my spine.
Just like condo living, the rules of shared ownership inhibit the individual from doing what they please with their own abode or boat.
There are just so many pitfalls. If one owner did serious uninsured damage to the boat and it was out of service for a considerable time, how are the other owners compensated for their lost time and the cost of repairs, for instance?
Two roughly 1400 mile crossings a year create some serious expenses and scheduling difficulties and if the owners don't want to do them, then finding a competent delivery crew twice a year is neither cheap nor easy.
Maintenance on a boat used that much is more than double what private ownership would be. I know, I operate a charter boat.
All the advantages of owning your own boat would be negated, except perhaps bragging rights. You wouldn't even be able to leave personal items aboard, so every time you visited your boat it would be just like joining a bareboat. At least with a bareboat, you have the option of renting a boat anywhere in the world, rather than just the few places your boat would go as you have planned it. I can see absolutely no advantages to a 'shared' boat unless it is as relaxed and simple as pdqaltair's.
Your investment would be much safer and better protected if you put the boat in service with a reputable bareboat company, IMO.
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