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I am interested in forming a sailing partnership with 2 or 3 partners. Would prefer to join an existing boat (or partnership), otherwise, purchase in Eastern Mediterranean (where used cats are cheapest). Sail the Mediterranean for a season or two spend a summer season in Northern Europe, cross to Caribbean for a couple seasons and then potentially Hawaii or South Pacific. 40 to 45 foot Catamaran. Sometimes sailing with the partners, sometimes with our own crew.
Sounds complicated. Would you hire a third party yacht management company to ensure equal distribution of usage, labour and cost? I guess you would each want a lawyer to make sure you are each fairly represented in the contract?

Using this format, I dont see how you would get a summer in Northern Europe, you would get 1/3rd-1/4 of a summer. 2 or 3 weeks. Chartering seems like it would be a less complicated way of acheiving 2 or 3 weeks of useage per season.

How does something like a transatlantic crossing work. Do you have to convince all partners to go at the same time? Do you hire a professional delivery crew and each share equally in the cost, or are you each responsible for providing a watch keeper for the voyage?

My brain hurts just thinking about it.
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