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You missed your chance by 1.5 years when I traded from my gemini to my Irwin.
Frankly, we did it for motion comfort, the Gemini 105 just being a tad to bouncy for our taste, and it was going to problemagic (intentional mis-spell) to get any performance out of her when loaded as a liveaboard.

Motion is different on a cat, waves on the beam get 'em rocking in a way a mono just wont's do (each hull rising on a different wave) waves on either quarter can get them cork screwing etc. It's different, the timing is different and without a keel to use mass over motion it can set up harmonics that get twisty.

Sailing on a cat is slightly different. You reef for the gust, not the true wind. The reason is on a mono a gust just pushes the boat over for a bit, on a cat it stresses the rig (can speed you up) because the rig can not shrug it off by heeling.
Downwind is usually done off the wind a tad bit more - you are going for speed over ground and velocity made good to course/waypoint. Same thing upwind. My Gemini could hold 35 degrees off the wind, and sail it like a slug, or I could fall of 6-7 degrees and scream along.
A golden rule of thumb for sail trim is (as I know it) "if in doubt let out" on a catamaran, the rule is "fall off to get there".

Here's the real bottom line, I enjoy(ed) sailing on catamarans, alone I felt safer with a steady deck, with family and friends, well I can fit them all in with comfortable seating and even the newbies didn't have to grip something with white knuckles.

Every boat has it's compromises, that means they do something not so well, and something very well.
For me the glass is half full.
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