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If you are seriously thinking about getting a cat, then rent one at Christmas in the VI and sail in Christmas winds. A few days in calm weather, in calm waters will not give you any idea of what being on a cat is like. Most cats are indeed roomarans, and not able to sail very well, but there are a few that can sail reasonably well. But the motion on a cat is much different than a monohull, and to many, the ride is quite unenjoyable. Even at anchor, when they are supposed to be more stable than a mono, the short sharp movement of a cat can be much worse than the slow roll of a mono.
But don't take my word for it, or that of anyone else. If you are seriously considering buying a cat, then spend the money and rent or charter one, putting it through it's paces and be certain you don't buy a boat you can't live with.
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