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I don't live of the the sea but I do live near by. So far this year while under sail in the bay I have caught 3 rock fish out of four times out. That was the trophy spring season. Now that it is summer crabs are pretty much free, of course i think you could starve to death while eating them but they do go good with beer. There are also plenty of perch in the summer (again not much meat). Then when fall hits the rocks are back! There are many tricks to fishing same as sailing.
I agree with the crab comment. Be careful about the Rockfish though.

I had a friend catch a Rockfish in Dunn Cove San Domingo Creek behind St Michaels. He filleted it on the boat and grilled it. 1/2 hour later the DNR pulled along side and fined him because he couldn't prove it was legal size. $250 fine. They have to be brought ashore whole.

The main factors you mudt watch in fresh fish are stromboid poisoning snd cigueterra.

Scombroid Fish Poisoning - Minnesota Department of Health
How do people get scombroid fish poisoning?

Fish in the Scombridae family (tuna, mackerel, skipjack, and bonito) are the most common sources of illness. Other fish, such as mahi mahi, bluefish, marlin, and escolar can also cause scombroid fish poisoning.

When these types of fish are not properly refrigerated, bacteria begin to break down the flesh of the fish and histamines are formed. Histamines are heat-resistant; therefore, illness can occur even with fish that is properly canned or cooked. While some contaminated fish will not show any outward signs of spoilage, others will have a bad odor or a "honey-combed" appearance when cooked. Fish that looks spoiled should not be consumed. Histamine levels may be unevenly distributed throughout the fish, and the amount of histamine needed to cause symptoms may vary from person to person. Therefore, people who share a single contaminated portion of fish may show a wide range of symptoms.
Cigueterra is mainly from predatory fin fish around reefs with eat algae infected with parasites.

BBB - Ciguatera

Two things to note about fresh fish. Ice as soon as possible. Look for worms in the fish flesh. If present throw away. Secondly neither Stromboid or Cigueterra can be killed by cooking.

You have a better chance of getting neither if you re he ource of the fresh fish. I would also say vary your det of the.

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