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I am in my 11th year as a full time liveaboard cruiser and would have died of starvation had I been relying on the fish I caught while trolling on passage. Sure we catch some but not enough.

However in the 90s when I was on a tight budget and underwater hunting with a spear gun was less regulated, myself and the cats ate pretty well. I would have been able to eat fish every day.

Nowadays spear fishing is much more regulated, i.e. basically banned for cruisers in the Eastern Caribbean except for the French islands so you might have to go with line fishing.

This will still be pretty successful but it will take longer, a lot longer! Best bait will be small live fish which you catch with a trap or cast net.

The local fisherman are your best guide as to which areas and fish are safe. Cultivate them.

There is an exception to the ban on spearfishing in the Eastern Caribbean, lionfish are not native to this area but have spread throughout the area. Most islands seem to be in the process of getting more aware of the problem and relaxing the rules to allow lionfish to be taken by any means including spearfishing.

They are supposed to be good eating!
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