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For your information:

View the selenelion (new to me), tonight: super rare (if the
weather and your region's right) -- we can just nearly manage it, in Japan.

"The selenelion will be best viewed from parts of Australia and North
America, but it will also be broadcast live from the Slooh telescope
from 10am GMT (7pm in Japan) on 8 October, with live feeds from
multiple locations in Australia and North America."
Extremely Rare 'Selenelion' to Take Place During Total Lunar Eclipse: Watch Live Online

Live feed available (in some regions):
Slooh Observatory: Live Telescope & Astronomy Shows of Stars & the Cosmos • Slooh
Tonight: Watch Live as a Total Lunar Eclipse Turns the Moon Red | WIRED

(wiki "Selenelion": Lunar eclipse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)
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