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Any idea how Amsteel would hold up with chaff if it rubs on the centerboard trunk and guide block in the centerboard trunk? If it wares well it might be a good substitute. They didn't have these fibers when our boats were made.
If everything is lined up properly chafe is not an issue. Chafing would be an even bigger issue with the steel wire. It would literally slice right through your centreboard trunk. They actually make saw blades that are a simple strand of wire. They even use them to cut up ships but those are diamond impregnated..

You might have to change any sheaves as the profile for steel wire is very different from that used by cordage.

Chafing is an evil problem. Even in a Laser, a little sand at the bottom of the step will cut right through the glass. They actually make a repair kit that involves cutting the deck apart and glassng in a new step.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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