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Has anyone installed a central vac in their sailboat? I have been toying with the idea. We have two labs, a cat, and a lot of fur to clean up.
That would seem to be rather more brain damage than the problem merits. A good smaller shop vac has lots of uses aboard. We use ours for cleaning up below and, sometimes above deck (especially when sanding for bright-work), for clearing out any traces of water in the bilge when we've had a wet sail, for scavenging hoses when that's necessary and, with a 2-gallon plastic jug, for suctioning oil out of our engine and generator for oil changes. As we do have an English Cocker Spaniel that sometimes sails with us and also sheds (as does my much better half who seems to insist on brushing her hair in front of the mirror in the salon despite having two heads to choose from!) we have a small hand-held "Dirt Devil" vac with a beater-bar brush that, together with a lint roller follow-up, is very effective at removing hair/fur etc. from the cushions and area carpets and easily powers off our inverter. (One of my daughter's jobs was the daily vacuuming when she was cruising with us--considering she's the one that insisted on bringing the puppy along.)

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