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Ceramic Knives

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I have just gotten my first Kyocera Ceramic knife for galley use.
I must admit I'm impressed by the edge.
I am considering getting more.
Is there any downside to having these knive aboard?
They are sharp and dont rust ... big plus for that.
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I haven't used a ceramic kitchen knife, but I will say that my largest stainless steel pot that is made in China has started to rust after only a couple weeks of moving it onto the boat. I only do dishes in fresh water and still have this problem. Now every time I wash it, I put a light coat of veggie oil all over the inside. I have other stainless stuff in the galley that has also started to rust. Coincidentally, also made in China. I wish our American steel industry would revive itself. This Chinese steel is crap. I think they melt down coat hangers and cars and paper clips and anything else they can get their hands on for cheap. Too much tin and zinc in their steel to be worth anything I guess.

I bought drywall screws to do some repairs to my house a while ago and every one of them broke on the shaft after running them into a piece of oak, and all holes were predrilled. The little bit of torque my cordless dewalt drill put on it when countersinking just snapped them. Made in China. I ended up throwing the whole box away.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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