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Changing Fuel Filter- How not to do it

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I am cruising the BC coast at the moment and while I am in a civilized spot decided to do some of the maintenance items.
My fuel tank has some rust in it so changing the fuel filter is a 3 month/ 500 miles (approximately) routine item.

The filter is relatively easy to get to, but I need to hug the engine.
So, I get a good grip and try to turn the cartridge. Darn, that thing is tight! With lots of effort I can turn the filter in small increments and in what seems 1/2 hour I manage a full turn. Should get easier, but it seems to get tighter.
That's the moment when it dawned on me to check the rotation. Sure thing, I was tightening instead of loosening:eek:
Getting the filter off did involve lots of grunting, bad language and a screw driver hammered through the cartridge.

While that was bad, it got worse.

I installed the new filter. To bleed the air I installed a squeeze fuel bulb in the supply line. Open the bleed screw on top of the filter housing and squeeze the bulb. I can hear the air escape for a while, then nothing. Still applying pressure with my left hand I use a wrench to open the bleed screw more and more.
Next thing was the screw flying off and diesel spraying from the opening in my face.
That was the worst of it.
Looking for the screw in the bilge was not too bad. I also found two Quarters, two hose clamps, screw driver bits and some gooey unidentifiable stuff.
Since I just did laundry, I was only wearing shorts and did not ruin any clothes.
I think, for the rest of the day I don't touch anything but a good book.

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that is an amusing tale . if you are looking at the top of a spin on filter cartridge you turn it clockwise. of course looking up from the bottom it would be counter clockwise. i would be concerned about a squeeze bulb with diesel fuel. i always fill the cartridge with fuel & pump the lever on the lift pump to get the air out of the system.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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