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The actual costs, if you take care of the items yourself, are quite a bit less and usually a reputable boat broker in Spain will assist you for a nominal fee - or as part of the deal if you are going through a broker.

First the vessel needs a viable bill of sale that will also have to be translated into English. Since the VAT has been paid you will also need receipts and translations to English so that the UK will accept it - and make sure that the actual sale of the vessel occurs in EU waters otherwise the VAT-paid-status will go -poof-.

Taking the vessel off the Spanish flag (de-flagging) should be simple with the correct documents and for someone who reads/speaks Spanish. Once the vessel is de-flagged then putting her on the Part III or Part I British registry is very simple and costs just a couple of GBP (see

The boat doesn't have to go anywhere close to the U.K. in order to get flagged. If you go for a Part I registration then you will just get a provisional registration until such time as you have an approved surveyor do a tonnage survey, and I'm sure that there are many in Spain. The boat does not need to leave the water for this and I paid around US$400 or so for the survey on a 57' vessel.

The best approach would be to contact the MCA (they are very responsive in my experience) and ask exactly what paperwork from Spain they require as they will have done this before.

If you want to have a company do everything then you will have to swallow some huge fees, but actual costs for flagging are going to be less then 120GBP and the de-flagging should be even cheaper.
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