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Changing the name of the boat

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What is involved in a name change?

My sail boat is sitting in the yard ready to re-launch within a couple of days.
I sanded and painted the hull and it would be the perfect time to paint on a new name.
The boat has been re-named a few times before. I found that out as I was sanding through layers of paint (and names).
I am not superstitious, BUT, if a little ceremony is required to keep the gods happy, I go for it.
Is the breaking of a cheap bottle of sparkly wine on the bow still correct?

Help, please
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Oh, you do not want to tempt the or annoy Poseidon.

There are many versions of the ceremony. One is here.
With all my boats, I had the previous name engraved on a small brass plate, then permanently attached it somewhere inside the boat. Did this work? So far, so good.
The most important part of the change (my opinion) is to be sure to purge all records of the previous name from the boat.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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