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I am an artist from Los Angeles (currently living in Brooklyn).

I am looking to go west from Los Angeles by boat about 450 nautical miles to reach a specific longitude (127.5 degrees). This is the line that divides the Pacific time zone with the Alaskan time zone. Here I will make photographs and collect about 25 gallons of ocean water. And then head back to Los Angeles. I would want to be at the final point in daylight, and spend some hours there before heading back. (This is for an art exhibition in Los Angeles this summer.)

I’m aware that the boat might not be able to go directly west. So I’m guessing it may be longer in mileage... I just need to end at the 127.5 degree line.

I would probably bring one or two people to help out. I don't know how to sail or use a motor boat, so I would need someone to take me. And I would be willing to help out and stand watch. (I am not looking for a leisurely relaxing cruise... I just want the most efficient way to get there.)

I'm not sure if this needs to be a power boat or a sailboat. But either one is fine depending on timing and cost. This would probably happen in May or June.

I would like to get a quote, which I would run by the person funding the project to make sure the price is OK.


David Horvitz
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