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Is anyone interested in obtaining charts or know wherelse I might make these available?
Thank you. Paula

These are in French, Large Scale:

1. Ocean Pacifique Polynesie Francaise/Isles Australes - Ile Raivave (Vavitu)
2. Archipel Tubuai / Rurutu
3. Archipel Tubuai/Ile Tubuai et Mouillages
4. Archipel Des Tuamotu / Iles Gambier
5. Archipel Des Tuamotu / Iles Mangareva /passé de L’ouest
6. Iles Gambier – Southern Part
7. Archipel Des Tuamotu / Ile Mangareva – Rade De Rikitea

These are in English, Large Scale/ Soundings in Fathoms and Feet:

1. Booby Island to Cape Wessel – Including Gulf of Carpentaria
2. Fiji Islands to Samoa Islands
3. Fiji Islands / Suva and Approaches
4. New Caledonia to Fiji and Vanuatu
5. Australia North Coast / Port Darwin
6. Australia North Coast / Cape Fourcroy to Cape Arnhem
7. Australia East Coast / Cape Wyemouth to Olinda Entrance (Great Barrier Reef)
8. Fiji Islands – Southeastern Part
9. Approaches to Lautoka & Vatia Wharf
10. Fiji Islands – Northeast Part

Nest group of ten:

1. Vanuatu / Malo to Efate
2. Espiritu Santo
3. Australia-Papua New Guinea – Torres Strait “Bligh Entrance to Eastern Fields”
4. Australia-Papua New Guinea –Indonesia / “Torres Strait”
5. Tonga Islands
6. Tonga Islands / Nuku’Alofa & Approaches
7. Plans of the Tonga Islands / Nomuka Group – Nomuka Harbor
8. Tonga Islands / Vav’u Group
9. Fiji and Tonga Islands
10. New Caledonia – Noumea Ports and Approaches

Next group of ten:

1. New Caledonia – Northwest Part
2. New Caledonia / Isles Belep to Port De Mued
3. New Caledonia and approaches to Noumea / Passes de Boulari & Passe de Dumber
4. New Caledonia / Ile Ouen to Ile Des Pins including Passe De La Sarcelle
5. Iles Loyaute (Nouvelle Caledonia – Southeast Part)
6. New Caledoina – Mont Dore to Port-Boise incl. Passe de Mato & Passe de Vatio
7. West Coast of New Caledonia from Koumac to Poum
8. Singapore Strait – Singapore Harbor – Eastern Part
9. Singapore Harbor – Central Part
10. Malaysia – Singapore / Johor Strait & Eastern Entrance

Next group of ten:

1. Indonesia / Kepulauan Riau “Pelabuhan Sambu”
2. Strait of Malacca – Malaysia “ Lumut and Approaches”
3. South China Sea – Indonesia / “Selat Riau and Vicinity
4. Singapore Harbor – Western Part (Malacca & Singapore Straits)
5. West Coast of Malay Peninsula / “Kantan and Approaches
6. Malaysia – West Coast / Approaches to Pinang Harbor
7. Cook Islands / Anchorages (Not for navigation)
8. Hiva Oa / Marquesas, French Polynesia
9. Nuku Hiva / Marquesas, French Polynesia
10. Pilot Chart of North Pacific – 4 of them

Next group of ten:

1. Port of Papeete
2. Isles Sous Le Vent: Riatea, Huahine, Bora Bora, Tupai, Maupiti
3. Tahiti Approaches and Moorea
4. Bora Bora
5. Moorea
6. West Coast of Baja / Bahia del Rosario and Arrecife Sacramento
7. International Chart Eastern Pacific
8. Gulf of St. Lawrence to Strait of Juan de Fuca
9. South Pacific Ocean
10. Gulf of Thailand to Taiwan including Philippines

Last group of ten:

1. Strait of Malacca to Banda Sea
2. Indonesia – Philippines / Islands Between Molucca Sea and Mindanao
3. Western Part Pacific Ocean including Philippines and Indonesia
4. North Pacific Ocean
5. Caroline Islands – Palau Islands / Malakal Harbor
6. Caroline Islands / Palau Island
7. Toagel Mlungui
8. Palau Islands – North Part
9. Arangel Channel and Korbor Road
10. Tuvalu Islands / Funafuti Atoll

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They are for the most part from the 1980s. They are in good to fair condition. They have not been used but have been in storage resulting in age from weather. A few of them have frayed edges but none of them have areas of the actual map that have been corrupted. Prices would range from $7-10. These were put out by the Defense Mapping Agency - which went to NIMA and then NOS/NOAA. These maps are Sounding in Fathoms and Feet. I''ve talked to Bellingham and they indicated that though you may need updates for more populace places, these maps may have more information than the newer ones as they keep deleting info. Let me know as I have several interested parties.
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