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Theres nothing wrong with purchasing a old boat. I have a 1974 C27 and its a great boat. I paid about $6000 for it, and I consider that about right for the market. You can expect to pay about the same.

A C27 offers about the bare minimum that I would consider for live aboard. It has standing headroom, room for a stove, running water in a sink, a ice box, a small amount of storage. I know of 1 couple that lived on a extensively modified C27 for 16 years. I know of another guy that spent 3 years circumnavigating the globe with one.

Its as small as I would like to go and live on it.

Were I you, I would try to select a TYPE of boat that meets your requirements, and then start to shop for that boat in the market. If your just looking at lots of different boats, its hard to figure out where the value is, as their all different makes and models.

Standing headroom would be a necessity through for me.

Hope that helps,

Larry Taborek
C27 Dixie Chicken
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