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I could see the use for hurricane protection or long term storage over the summer as the snowbirds travel north. You would need a good size hydraulic trailer to get them to and from a Marina. Conditioned airspace would be nice, but expensive.
Up north we use very large buildings for winter storage. Some you can do maintenance in some not. They have limited power as well. Typically; for a 40' boat in the Central (the real upstate/lake ontario) region it runs somewhere between 800 - 1500 dollars for Oct to May. Not including unstepping/stepping mast, crane time, travel lift time and transiting the canal for 2-3 days to location. This is an additional $500-600.

I find it hard to believe that it would be viable down there because of the cost.

WHAT would work. Build a large flat CLEAN fenced in yard with security, well inland (5 miles), where individuals could park their boats cheap and be able to work on them. need this............

Several Acres
Gravel base, no mud
Boat tie-downs/ hurricane anchor tie-downs
Power for equipment
Lighting; for security
Controlled access
Hydraulic trailer for boats up to 45'/15-20 ton, cheap delivery service
Low rates/ daily and monthly rates.......$20 day/$250 a month
shrink wrap service

This would be a better service i think for down there in your region. Don't forget to inquire about insurance rates for a building like that. Could be a deal breaker.
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