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Somehow I've ended the summer with 4 boats. I had (what I thought) was my dream boat, a Tartan 37. She is beautiful. Then, an orphan jumped into my lap, a Hinckley Bermuda 40. Not any HB40, but actually the last boat owned personally by Henry Hinckley himself! She is beautiful and I immediately fell in love. The owners are wonderful and seeing my love and exuberance urged me to buy her at a price and structure I could afford. So she's now mine. Then, I fell into an Allen Gurney designed O'Day 27. This is the O"Day designed to be competitive as a race cruiser. She is really a solid and fast, good handling vessel. lastly, I found a Cal 29 which again, the owners saw my love and basically gave to me. But I'm really not at all affluent. I live aboard my HB40, and as a live aboard, it's a pain to day sail. Cruising is fine, you stay stowed. But when at dock for months, the boat gets 'homey". Toaster on the with another boat I'd sail more often.

All the above are for sale. But in the meantime, all are for sail! I'm offering timeshares on the O'Day and Cal, and possibly even the Tartan (tho it will probably be chartered).

Timeshares? I want 7 people per boat to contribute and have use of the boat. My proposal is this;

You pay $1000 before Christmas (to lock in the price) and receive 4 days per month for the summer (12 days) plus a bonus 4 days to use in either spring or fall. That works out to $62.50/day for a boat. Have a party of 4 and it's $15 bucks each! I do require you to have BoatUS (hell, it's $125/year for peace of mind)

Come sail the Chesapeake, one of the best sailing spots in the world. Anchor out or visit quaint towns, hot night spots or secluded coves. As good as it gets. And do it in a fun boat. Both are very comfy but not elegant. Clean. Most of all, they sail great!.

I just want to spread the joy, play with boats, meet sailors, learn and teach. So contact me to discuss it, get in and get your dates, lets have some fun!
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