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Chris from Louisiana

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I just joined because I found a old thread about cape dorys but couldn't send that person a pm because i need to post 5 messages so here I am with my first one. I've been looking for a boat for liveaboard and really like the southern cross 31 and the cape dory 30-33 although I think a 31 cutter igged would be ideal.

are there any cd's that have circumnavigated? preferbly around the 30-33 ft range?? any websites I could check out would be great.

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Hi Chris,

I joined several weeks ago and have found a wealth of pertinent information in many of the old threads here. Just type in your topics of interests in the search button. Also, sort threads by the main subject areas and start reading. Really good stuff out there. AND lots of experienced sailers to call upon who are willing to help, if they can.

Good luck with planning & execution of your cruising dream!

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