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I'm replacing some wiring and the circuit breaker for my shore power 115 outlets. I found the breaker I need at West Marine but they offer any where from a 5 amp to a 50 amp. Not sure witch one I need. I'm guessing the 30 amp but not sure. I just purchased the boat so I'm unfamiliar with it, also several hours away from it so I cant just go look. Its a Watkins 29 if that helps. Thanks
Probably 15 amp. You will likely have a 30amp main breaker which feeds a 30 amp dual on your panel, that feeds 15 amp outlet breakers from there.

Since you have a new boat, make sure all the outlets are GFCI after the panel. Many older boats also don't have a CO detector. I would look into that too. Cheap money for insurance.

Congrats on the new boat.

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